Issue 32 - July 2013 -

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                                           By Anthony R. Zuzolo Sr.
                                             (Issue 32 – July 2013)


     Its now offical my website's publication is having a name change to Air Liberty Times-Journal. The change reflects the description of the book serialization better. It now describes 'My Life' and its times, I hope you enjoy it and email me of your opinion of the change.
      The Air Liberty Times is bound in plastic binders and is cut in volume. I have acquired a binding machine to accomplish this. I would like to know the opinion of those who receive the booklet. Please let your voice be heard. Those people, who only read the Air Liberty Times-Journal on the website, let me know by emailing me what your opinions are; for or against. If you like and want to write for the ALTJ booklet, then write and email me the article.

      The Times-Journal was delayed for over a year because of delays in a new system called Google Chrome to replace Word. It took 5 months to create and learn while I also had to write articles. It is not complete - pictures have be added and some links are missing. I'll try to finish as soon as possible. In the meantime read and enjoy!

                  Anthony R. Zuzolo Sr.



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