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                                              Catholic Missionary

                                                   By Anthony R. Zuzolo Sr.
          (Issue 32 – July 2013)

The people in Africa were so uneducated

That they didn’t know of Saint Nick.

Also they never heard of the Christ Child

And December 25th didn’t mean a lick.

They didn’t even receive a gift on Christmas,

For the poor kids hadn’t heard of missions.

They lived in the wilderness and didn’t

Have school like the Catholic Christians.

Soon a Catholic missionary appeared

To the distant heretic location

And taught the people about Jesus,

Known as the Christian communication.

Eventually the adults built a church

And daily Mass they all attended.

Learning each day of Christian Doctrine.

Thus a priest received what he intended.

From war-torn Tunisia and Libya

To the tip Republic of South Africa,

From Somalia to Ghana, the Catholics

Are teaching the locals today and mañana.

Finally Christmas Day can be observed

Even amongst the shepherds and the heard.

Christ the Child was born and we learned

How to give the love that we all yearned.


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