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Sam's Gone
  By Anthony Roland Henry Zuzolo Sr.
        (Issue 32 – July 2013)
(Written July 2012)

        Is it necessary to kill a mental patient even though he has a knife and appears to be menacing enough to a trigger scared cop? It is not necessary, because they should have tasered him! Although the police Commissioner Patrick Carroll of  New Rochelle, NY stated that the police did, I don’t believe them. Sam was not a large man and, in fact, was short and small in stature. He couldn’t appear mencing if he tried. He did not have a nasty demeanor. If they tasered him, then they should repeated it (maybe by another cop).

      I knew  the dead man. Sam was a fellow patient with me at White Plains Hospital outpatient psych ward, and also Day- Hospital areas of the hospital. In addition, more important he was an author and a poet. He wrote for the Air Liberty Times-Journal in the first-decade years of this millennium. One of his poems is located under the Poems Section.



I knew Sam (he was from Puerto Rico in 2003) and he had a language barrier. He knew little English, but was understood by the other members and I.

    I knew what some of Sam’s Problems were, besides lack of English, and there were typical family (wife) problems and these were not unresolveable. But these issues are only for a normal man.  Sam had an ‘up and down feelings’ (BIPolar Depression) problem going from ‘very high to very low’, plus having Schizophrenia. This effect from, these situations occurred every few years, causing hospitalizations and outpatient care. This is where I met him.       

    He was so artistically inclined, which is shown in his drawings and writings, that we had on many occasions discussed what could he do for the Times-Journal. Finally agreeing to publish his already written poems in Spanish on the Internet -, and have a translation by my cousin-in-law Marie Cerritelli to English

        Sam was a very holy man and I never heard him say an have a little fluctuation of spirit while under pressure. But Sam’s Depression caused him pain and further a balking wife, whom he was separated. I never heard him say God’s name in vain or threaten anyone. This poem in this Issue 32 - July 2013 is (from Issue 11 - December 2004) and is about God’s Light, which is what he apparently was lacking.

    Lastly, the officer should have shot him in the leg or arm and not in the middle of his body. The officers were not justified in what they did. They were scared and shot wildly at him and killed  him. ‘Four officers to stop a smallish man with a pen knife?

    The Times-Journal calls for the dismissal of the Police Commissioner of New Rochelle, the firing of the killer police officer, and bringing charges against this officer, who caused the death and cover up. Thus this will soothe the loss to the family and friends of Samuel A. Cruz del Valle, a very friendly man!

    You might say that the officer was afaid for his life, but they were talking to Sam for four hours snd I am posistive knowing him, that his gentleness showed through during that time!


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