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By Gloria Cecere
(Issue 32 – July 2013)


          Gloria Cecere

         (If you are one of the 75 million Americans who snore, find peace a
quiet  from these five tips, and keep your mate happy. – Editor).

1. Treat reflux - it disrupts airflow, which causes snoring. A chest that burns after eating is a sure sign of acid reflux. You can use an OTC product.

2. Avoid nightcaps – Drinking alcohol ( within 3 hours of bedtime) relaxes the tongue, the roof of mouth, and tonsils this could make you snore.

3. Sleeping on back - could cause a lot of snoring, so change positions, sleep on your stomach or sides.

4. Loose weight – The less fat there is in your throat, the more freedom of airways, therefore better breathing and less

5. Snoring and sleep apnea – Snoring of common options, can be controlled by nasal sprays (up to $70), a device that adjusts the positioning of the jaw while sleeping making it easier to breathe (up to $1,500), or surgery (up to $3,000). Snoring with gasping or choking can be known as a condition called Sleep Apnea and could affect your heart – see doctor fast.


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